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It Takes a Village approach to sewing pins is my favorite. No, I don’t have any weird pin-fixation. Each pin serves a purpose when sewing. You could end up ruining…

Serger owners: Did know that you can use your..

Are you looking for sewing inspiration? There are..

Do you want to learn the secrets of how to gather..

This is the first post in a series on sewing..

Today’s installment is the second in my Sewing Machine Feet Series that I started here. Today’s foot is called the Clear Sole All Purpose Foot. Although it’s not exactly the…

How to use an edge stitch foot for perfect stitches

Welcome to my series about sewing machine feet...

How to use the Satin Stitch and Open Toe Foot

Grab your sewing machine manual, because I am..

Buttonhole Foot is my favorite of all Sewing..

Do you have a zipper foot? Do you know the..

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