The Newton Baby Crib Mattress Really Helped Me Sleep Better

It was finally time. She was transitioning from the bassinet to her Big Girl Crib. The Newton Baby Crib Mattress caught my eye. It almost seemed too good to believe. It was too good to pass up.

It offered all the safety features I needed in a crib mattress. It was almost like they were inside my baby-safety-anxiety-filled brain. It’s breathable and made of the brand’s Wovenaire material (90 percent air, 10 percent food grade polymer filling) that looks almost like a bunch of noodles. Breathe-Thru Technology provides the best airflow for babies to breathe and sleep comfortably. Newton was also found to be 17 times more breathable than other brands and has a 97 percent lower risk of suffocation in an independent lab study.

It is also non-toxic. The natural, breathable cover made of viscose that protects the Wovenaire core is machine washable. It is Greenguard-Gold Certified and exceeds industry emission safety standards.

Straight out of the box, I was impressed. Although I knew it wasn’t made from memory foam, I was still impressed by the box. It looked like it was wrapped in plastic or in transit. Nothing. It was almost incomprehensible. A huge relief. It also looks luxurious with cloud-like quilting, and it measures 5.5 inches thick. I already felt like I made the right choice.

My baby slept like a baby. How do you get to know your child so well that you can just look at them and know everything? From the first night she slept on it, I knew she was happy. It lasted almost twelve hours, with one wake-up to get a midnight snack or a cuddle. We had just moved into a new home, so she was unfamiliar with the area. These are all facts. She was still motionless as a hawk when I watched her through the baby monitor. There could be other factors. Maybe she was too hot, or maybe she was tired and needed to sleep on a rock. But, after watching her closely through the baby monitor, and considering that she prefers sleeping on people to bassinets, I think the mattress deserves the credit.

There are many options. The Original Crib Mattress is $300 in Standard Size. I have it in white. It’s 5.5 inches thick, as I mentioned. Let’s suppose you can’t stand white. You can also choose from grey, blue, or pink. You might find that 5.5 inches is too thick. If so, you can skip the Original and opt for the Essential ($250), which is 4-inches thick but still quite substantial. The Waterproof Crib Mattress ($350) is another option if you don’t want to use a mattress cover, but still need protection from wetness. If all of this sounds good but you are actually looking for a bassinet-type mattress, the Mini ($200) is an option.

Last note: I feel great about my mattress. Even though I’m in a different room, I feel 100x less worried about her at night. Although it is more expensive than other mattresses, my daughter has been able to get deep sleeps, and even extended her sleep hours, since she first slept on her Newton Baby mattress. It’s also a great way to get better sleep.

Who would have thought that a mattress you aren’t even sleeping on could provide you with so much more rest?

TRY IT (from $25)

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