This is the first post in a series on sewing machine feet.

Throughout the series, I will be using Bernina feet. All manufacturers make the same feet. Ask your local sewing shop to help you choose the right feet for your machine.

The All-Purpose Feet

Bernina calls it an all-purpose foot. However, manufacturers may refer to it as a standard or universal foot. This foot should share a few features, regardless of its name.

This sewing machine foot can be used for nearly all purposes, as the name suggests. An All-Purpose foot will be included with any new or used sewing machine.

It doesn’t matter what the manufacturer of your machine calls it, this foot is fundamental in every way.

You should find a slot or opening that allows you pull your threads back to the machine’s back. This prevents threads from becoming entangled when you sew.

Information about the All Purpose Feet

The All-Purpose foot should have an opening large enough to allow you to do both zigzag and other decorative stitches.

All Purpose feet have markings that help you sew straight. This foot has a center guide in the middle. This will allow you to make straight stitches.

This foot should allow for fabric to fit comfortably under the foot. The foot in the photo above is large enough to hold the fabric while the needle is placed near the edge.

This allows me control the placement of my needles. This helps me keep my stitching straight.

Ideal for decorative stitching

A standard/all-purpose foot has the advantage of being able to use decorative stitching. This foot’s 5mm opening allows for easy stitching with many of the decorative and utility stitches built into a machine.

You can only increase your creativity by using rayon (or polyester) threads.

Take a moment to be creative with your Sewing Machine Feet.

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