Do you have a zipper foot? Do you know the location of your zipper foot? The humble zipper foot and zippers get a lot of bad press. I have never heard sewists praise the virtues of sewing a zipper.

The zipper foot is the key to inserting a zip. Today, I will change your mind about zippers.

The Zipper Foot

Zipper Foot Styles

All zipper feet share one common feature: notches on either end of the foot allow the needle to reach as close to the edge as possible.

My foot is made for Bernina sewing machines. This allows me to adjust needle position. The needle will move to the left or right of the notches when I press a button. Newer machines have adjustable needle positions.

The zipper foot stops you from sewn into the zipper teeth. You will be able to recognize what I mean if you have ever attempted to put in a zipper using an All Purpose foot. Some people have to learn this the hard way

There are other styles of zipper feet that work if your sewing machine doesn’t allow you to change the needle positions. The foot can be moved by turning the slider at the back. To adjust the position of the slider and the foot relative to the needle, loosen the screw. Align your foot with the zipper. After you have adjusted your foot’s position, tighten the screw again. #learnedthehardway

All sewing machines come standard with a zipper foot. It is possible to get a zipper foot if you have a machine that was given to you or bought used. For information about local dealers, visit the manufacturer’s website. They should be able get you a zipper feet that fits your machine.

What else can a zipper feet do?

Although a zipper foot is used to insert a zipper, it can also be used for other purposes. This allows you to sew close to the edge. It is perfect for adding piping to pillows.

Bernina also offers a guide-equipped zipper foot. This foot is my favorite for standard zipper installations.

The guide is placed in or over the zipper teeth. It allows you to adjust exactly the position of your needle relative to the stitching. This foot is great for zipping zippers.

The guide bar is designed to fit over zipper teeth. This makes it very easy to get in close. Both methods work well for me, but I prefer the guide to run over the zipper teeth. The choice of which method works best is up to the sewer.

This foot can be used for more than one purpose, as with most sewing machine feet. You can also use it to put in pin tucks, but I haven’t tried this method and only seen it being demonstrated.

How to get over your Zipper Foot Fear

Many years ago, I overcame my fear of zipper foot. My method was easy. It was Cloth World that I found a box of discontinued zippers. They cost $.25 to $.50, and were in horrible old colors. I believe I spent $5.00 on these zippers and returned home with several more.

After that, I learned how to put in zippers. I conquered my fear of zipper foot.

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