Today’s installment is the second in my Sewing Machine Feet Series that I started here. Today’s foot is called the Clear Sole All Purpose Foot. Although it’s not exactly the same, it is just as basic as an All-Purpose foot, but it is clear. It is clear, which makes it amazing.

Clearness allows me to see what I have just sewn, and if everything is lined up correctly.

This foot is why I use it for most of my projects

This is my foot, which is attached to every machine. This foot is the foundation of almost every project.

This foot is similar to the All-Purpose Feet, but has a 5mm opening which allows for straight, utility and zigzag stitching.

Although this foot is not standard on all machines, most manufacturers offer variants of the Clear Sole All Purpose Foot. It is sometimes called an Applique Foot. Clear Sole feet are also available from some after-market sellers. Visit a local sewing shop to see what they have.

Notice the red marks on my foot. This is the beauty of this foot. These markings enable you to stitch more accurately.

For example, I could use a chalk pen or a water-soluble pen to mark the spot where I want it to be stitched. My stitching will be perfect as long as my red center line on the foot is in line with the line that I have drawn. This is a great way to use a decorative stitch that can be used in many different directions. Your stitching will look perfect if you keep the red line at the marked line.

My complaint would be that my foot was completely enclosed. This is not the case with other manufacturers. To get my thread under the foot, I must first make a stitch. Although this is an inconvenience, it would be great if the foot came with a thread slot.

This foot is essential for any new sewer I teach. It will be hard to imagine how you lived without it once you have sewn with it.

Enjoying fun with one my favorite feet.

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