How to use the Satin Stitch and Open Toe Foot

Grab your sewing machine manual, because I am highlighting another foot of the sewing machine. It is the Satin Stitch Foot or Open-Toe Foot. For those decorative stitches left behind in your machine, the Open Toe Foot is the best option.

An Open Toe Foot allows you to do anything that you want, including applique, embroidery and satin stitching. This foot can even be used for smocking.

This foot is unique because of its wide opening, which allows for complete visibility. You can also use it for satin stitching because the toes are shorter.

The indention at the bottom of the Open Toe Foot is another characteristic.

The indentation on the underside will prevent the foot from dragging when you use heavy stitches, such as satin stitching.

It is easy to see where you are sewing, especially when there are many curves. Because of its wedge shape, this type of satin stitching is easy to turn due to the ease with which it can be done.

When sewing decorative stitches, such as applique, the Open Toe Foot is invaluable. The open toe foot makes it easy to see the location of your needle when attaching an applica. The Open Toe Foot works best when the applique is complex.

Consider all the possibilities that decorative stitches and decorative threads can offer. It’s endless.

Many sewing techniques require specialty needles, such as twin needles or wing needles. Sometimes, sewing with specialty needles means that you stitch on a fixed line. The Open Toe Foot lets you see exactly where your specialty stitch is at any given moment.

In the 80’s, before machine embroidery was made available for home use at home, sewing machines were not readily available. This meant that sewists had no choice but to create appliques and attach them using either decorative or satin stitching. These applications required a foot. Although perfect satin stitching takes practice, you can make some stunning embellishments with a twin needle and an Open Toe Foot.

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