How to use an edge stitch foot for perfect stitches

Welcome to my series about sewing machine feet. So far I have shared the All Purpose Foot here, and the Clear Sole Foot hier.

Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite sewing foot, the Edge Stitch Foot #10. Ask any Bernina owner to name her favorite sewing foot, and they will most likely mention this foot.

Sometimes called a Top Stitching foot

Even if you’re not a Bernina owner (almost all manufacturers make edge stitching and top stitching feet). The blade in the middle is what makes this foot and other top stitching feet unique. This allows you to place the blade along the edge or seam line of your fabric.

Most sewing machines default to the middle position for the needle, so the needle and blade are perfectly aligned. You can’stitch the ditch’ by keeping your needle in the middle position. Then, you will need to move the blade along the stitching line. This will result in perfect’stitchin the ditch’ top stitching.

The foot can be used to edge or top stitch a project. The needle slot is 5mm in diameter, which allows for needle positioning adjustment. These features should be standard across all brands.

How to Use a Satin Stitch Foot
How to Use a Satin Stitch Foot

You can perfect top stitching at 2mm from the seam by moving the needle just a few clicks to the left or right. You can change the needle position to get a different look.

This foot can be used in many ways

Edge stitch feet are perfect for finishing seams with double top-stitching, as you see in ready to wear garments. You will need a double needle to achieve this look.

Double Needle Stitching

Double needle stitching using the edge stitch foot with the edge stitch foot gives garments and home decor projects a clean, professional finish.

Add Ribbon

Sometimes you might want to attach something, such as ribbon, with a straight edge. This foot is ideal for such tasks. Adjust the needle position and align the blade with the straight edge. It’s as simple as that.

Pin Tucks

I’m aware that Bernina and other manufacturers have special feet for pin tucks. Pin tuck feet are not something I use a lot. I prefer to use the Edge Stitch foot for pin tucks.

Perfect pin tucks can be achieved by folding my fabric back and moving the needle position.


You might have noticed that I love to sew onto fabric. My edge stitch foot is my best friend for applique projects. It allows me to create perfect stitches around my design.

It is possible to miss one or two spots when I top stitch the applique onto my fabric without it.

Fabric joining

Sometimes, two pieces of clean-edged fabric need to be joined together. This is especially common in heirloom stitching, where lace is added from one end to the other. This can be done by running the blade between two straight edges with a zigzag stitch.

Although you may be aware that I am a beginner quilter, I know that there are many ways an edge stitch foot can help quilters. I’d love to hear your ideas.

You can be really creative with edge stitching and top stitches. For some top stitching fun, combine a rayon thread with a decorative one.

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