Serger owners: Did know that you can use your serger for gathering fabric? Imagine all the possibilities! No more broken or knotted threads when you gather fabric. It’ll be like you have died and gone to gather Heaven. Now that I’ve learned how to gather on the serger I won’t go back.

For those who don’t know what a serger does or what it is, here’s a brief overview. A serger, a sewing machine that simultaneously cuts and finishes seams, is unique. Many sergers can do extra edge finishing such as a roll hem. A few fancy-schmancy sergers can do something like a wave edge, chain, or cover stitch.

Today I will show you how to use your serger for gathering fabric. This is so simple, you’ll never want to sew another row of gathering threads again. You don’t need special feet – just your regular serger foot.

You can now dust off that serger you’ve kept in your closet and get it back to work.

Step 1: Set the Serger

Set your serger for 4-thread serging.

Step 2: Differential Feed

Your Differential Feed should be increased to the maximum amount – mine is a 2.

Step 3: Stitch length

Your Stitch Length should be increased to the maximum number. Mine is a 4 but some sergers can go up to 5.

Step 4: Serge

Serge along the raw edge. It will cause a slight gathering. This is normal.

Step 5: Search for Threads

The two black threads are the needle threads. Place a needle under the parallel threads near the fabric edge. Make sure you don’t catch the looper threads as it can knot. Only the needle threads.

Step 6: Pull threads

Take the needle threads from the thread chain. These should not get tangled. They will fall out if you do it correctly.

To gather your fabric, pull the two needle threads.

Step 7: Done!

Voila! Now you have neat, even gathers that are easy to adjust and attach. There are no stray threads which can end up outside your project. This is what you love!

Sew, it’s easy!

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