Are you looking for sewing inspiration? There are many great sewing books that will inspire you. Many books offer useful tips and tricks on using a sewing machine. Some books provide easy-to-follow instructions that will help you create unique garments. A few of these tutorials are filled with sewing secrets that will help you unlock your sewing skills.

Today I will share my top sewing books for beginners. The best part is that most of these books are free at your local library.

Let’s begin with simple sewing books for beginners.

1. Me and My Sewing Machine

Kate Haxel

This book introduces sewing machines to novices. Beautiful photographs clearly show details of the sewing machine. It also explains tension in a way that anyone can understand. This book is great for anyone who is new to sewing, or if you’re a seasoned sewer.

2. Sewing 101

By Editors of Creative Publishing

This book is an older edition that I have, which was recently updated. This book is a great introduction to sewing. It includes a variety of projects. Each project introduces a new technique such as attaching bias tape. You will soon be able to sew by starting at the beginning.

3. S*E*W: Sew Everything Workshop

Diana Rupp

This book is what I use when I teach absolute beginners sewing. It includes tissue patterns for all the projects. The instructions are clear and well-written. You can find tutorials here, there, and here which will walk you through the steps with detailed instructions and photos.

Blueprint offers an online workshop that covers several of the projects in the book.

4. Fabrics A-Z

By Dana Willard

This book is great for quick reference on fabric. It is easy to find the information you need. This is the book that I turn to when I need information about a particular fabric. It’s simple and straight-forward. Simple to comprehend. What’s not to love?

These books are often available in used book shops, so make sure to check them first.

Happy sewing and reading!

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