The dining room is where you will spend most of your time with family and friends. The dining room should feel lively and welcoming, but it doesn’t have to be dull. You can add texture and visual interest to your dining area and make it feel more purposeful and planned. There are many wallpaper options available, from neutral to graphic to floral to neutral.

These are our top picks, whether you want something graphic and modern like this one by mydavidwillsonhome or something more traditional.

A Cozy Floral Dining Nook

11 Amazing Dining Rooms With Wallpaper
11 Amazing Dining Rooms With Wallpaper

This space is a favorite of ours, from mssamanthasantana to the hanging pendant. This cozy dining area is small but not unattractive, thanks to its bright floral wallpaper and eye-catching hanging pendant. Even if your dining room is small, wallpaper can give it dimension and style without making the space look crowded.

A Modern Glam Dining Room

The contemporary space by rachaelsdrealtor shows that wallpaper doesn’t have to be boring or outdated. The combination of black and white wallpapers with gold finishes throughout the space gives it a sophisticated feel.

Ceiling Wallpaper

For a stunning look in your dining area, wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling instead of wallpapering walls. In this dining room from mondaymondaycreative, a pink and green hand-painted wallpaper is placed on the ceiling and it totally transforms the space. This is a great way to create a focal point in your dining room without taking over the space.

A pop of color is a great way to add some flair

Bright, cheerful wallpapers like this yellow one from changoandco are a great way of adding color to your home. To avoid wallpaper feeling too busy, choose bolder patterns like this large floral one.

Wallpaper in Mod-Style

If you’re looking for wallpaper inspiration for your Mid-century modern home, check out this retro-inspired space from my_house_on_abbey_road. We love the use of muted colors and the sleek, tapered furniture. When choosing wallpaper, it is important to choose a design that complements your decor without being too overwhelming.

Wallpaper made of grasscloth

If you are anything like us, natural fiber textures will be a staple in your home. This modern dining room from thejennyjames offers a great example of grasscloth wallpaper. This space’s grasscloth wallpaper adds texture but does not alter the minimalist feel and look of the room.

A wallpapered breakfast bar

15 Brilliant Wallpaper Ideas For Your Sophisticated Dining
15 Brilliant Wallpaper Ideas For Your Sophisticated Dining

A kitchen breakfast bar is the best! A kitchen breakfast bar outfitted with an engaging graphic pattern, like this one from the.garage.collective. The wallpapered island adds a unique texture to the room and isn’t too distracting. Any wallpaper that is a bit unexpected can be a great idea.

Add Faux Bricks

Exposed brick looks great in any home, but if you don’t have it you can make it. Makinghomematter’s wallpapered dining area has a brick wall. It gives it a farmhouse, rustic feel that we love. Faux-wood panels or bamboo wallpaper are also options if brick is not your style.

A Kitchen with Wallpaper

A great dining room is something we all love, but it can sometimes be hard to make it comfortable enough for entertaining. The beautiful space by soozidanson has a green wallpaper which gives it a sense of warmth and elegance, perfect for dining rooms.

A traditional dining room

A classic or traditional dining room can be made more elegant with wallpaper. Reena Sotropa’s room shows how a bold, large pattern can work in a traditional dining space. Bold prints can be paired with simple, modern furniture and lighting to keep the space from becoming overwhelming.

Combine It with Art

Casa Watkins Living

Some wallpaper designs are too bold or textured to be used in a room, but this Casa Watkins Living dining room shows that you can use wallpaper as wall art. The wallpaper’s simplicity is perfect for blending in with the bright images throughout the room.

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